This blog is not intended to offer a diagnosis or recommend a specific repair. It is always best to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired at an emissions repair station certified to do so by the Ca. State Smog Program.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To TEST or Not TEST... with Check engine light on?
When your check engine light is on, your vehicle will fail the California State Smog Test. However it's recommended that the test be done anyway to help identify other emissions related problems in the other parts of the test. This way the repair station can address all of your vehicles problems at one visit. You won't be going back and forth to your mechanic over and over again.


  1. Dad, my check engine light came on in the jeep awhile back and then it turned off same day and never came on again, should I be worried?

  2. No, It could be that you may have left your gas cap loose but you should have it looked at. I'll make a post about what happens when the gas cap is left loose or off. Come see me ; )